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The CBD oil medical benefits have come recently into the spotlight to many medical sufferers and researchers due to its ability to provide numerous health benefits. The benefits of CBD oil have led to increased demand for medical conditions that research and human use has shown the most profound effects to treat.

The extract obtained from cannabis plants or cannabis oil falls into two categories:-

➞ Crystalline isolate (CBD Isolate): Contains CBD oil benefits in its purest form, the other cannabinoid compounds are removed.

➞ Full-spectrum oil: The type of CBD oil which contains very low concentrates of THC (0.3%) and various other beneficial cannabidiol compounds.

The sedative CBD oil effects are associated with product concentration: low-concentration creates the least effects whereas, the higher the concentration yields the strongest effects. CBD occurs naturally in the cannabis plant and is the largest cannabinoid compound found in the two species of plants marijuana and hemp. Studies have shown that hemps composition results to more than 20%+ of CBD found in its structure and only trace amounts (0.3%) of THC. Marijuana on the other hand contains a much higher concentration of THC (20%+) and only around 10% of CBD.

Since most hemp CBD oil benefits come from the hemp plant due to its higher concentration; they are the preferred source of CBD extraction. The trace quantities of THC result in no psychoactive effects induced from a result of CBD oil side effects. Extraction from marijuana can result in products containing as much as 20%+ of THC equipped with robust psychotropic effects. There are methods which can be used to extract the THC from the marijuana source product but this would result in lower amounts of CBD extracted when compared to hemp.

The image below helps establish the correct differential between the different species of the cannabis plant discussed above:

The Use of CBD

The CBD oil benefits can be accessed by consuming its different products in varied ways, few of which are:

Capsule: CBD oil suspended in carrier oil and supplied in small caplets which are taken orally.

Tincture: CBD oil products taken as droplets via mouth and can be added to meals and drinks. The most common method to consume this product is to use directly under the tongue by dropping (single dosage noted) and holding there for a few seconds for optimal absorption. This method allows for a higher and quicker absorption rate in comparison to the other methods.

Vapor: The CBD hemp oil benefits can also be consumed via vaping devices. The products used in these devices are most commonly known as CBD e-juice or CBD e-liquid. Different strengths/concentrations can be purchased and this method is used by heating the suspended CBD in the carrier liquid found in most common vape products and inhaled as vapor.

Sprayer: The oral spray is one way to ingest CBD oil health benefits quickly and efficiently; they can have lesser overall concentrations and lower absorption rates.

Topical meds: The CBD hemp oil reviews have led to a revelation that CBD oil can assist with inflammation and pain and is applied directly to the affected region of the body. These products have CBD concentrates suspended in gel, creams, lotions and oil and usually contain other product to soov pain and inflammation.

Is CBD oil consumption safe?

The application and ingestion of cannabidiol oil is regarded as curative and it is near impossible to overdose. Although, there are a few side effects of CBD oil utilization which should be noted:

Dry Mouth: The common feature of every hemp/marijuana extracted product is that they cause mouth dryness sometimes referred to as cottonmouth. This occurs due to the impairment of salivary glands in the lower half of the mouth. Almost all consumers have complained about having strong thirst craves and slight uneasiness.

Reduced blood pressure: There is a sudden drop in the individual's BP just after CBD intake/absorption, which might cause mild dizziness. These effects are dependent on the individual and may take a few hours to resolve as levels stabilize. It is advised that people with existing low blood pressure issue consult a doctor prior to CBD use.

Diarrhea: This side effect is normally associated with high doses (through the digestive system) and can be induced via any form of consumption. It is advised to assess the doses which can cause this and find an effective dose which works best for you.

Appetite fluctuation: Another common effect; consumption of CBD oil usually increases the hunger of the user.

It is important to assess your individual tolerance to CBD products as it relates to tiredness or drowsiness. This can be a positive effect when used to treat sleep and restlessness conditions. But when it comes to any task which requires the sensory organ system e.g. driving or operating heavy machinery it is advised not to be used during these operations.

Where can you buy CBD Oil?

With the CBD industry been a relatively new industry in certain countries it is important to find reputable sources and quality products:

Manufacturers: Many companies who make CBD oil, provide their customers with a facility to purchase directly from them. The websites of these companies provide online stores with products for order and shipment.

Online sellers: In most cases, individuals purchase CBD products online, as these sources provide a wide range of cannabidiol items stocked from various manufacturers. Often the vendors show product reviews, to assist people in choosing from the variety of products.

Medical stores: These products are also sold by a few specialist medical stores, which also deal with supplement and vitamin provisions.

It is important to note that dependent on cannabis regulations in your country of residence some of the above sources may not be available to you. In that case it is advised to check if any of these sources guarantee shipping.

CBD Oil product choices

The products with the most reviews and higher price tags for example are not always the best products to choose. When it comes to buying CBD oil products the following factors should be considered:

Extraction: The procedure of obtaining the compound from the cannabis plants is one definite factor to be considered. Dependent on the manufacturer and product price tag savings can be made during the extraction process by using cheaper alternatives such as butane or propane. The safest way to procure cannabidiol is by using ethanol, which is responsible for the purification of the plant from toxicities. The next step is Carbon dioxide retrieval, which cleanses the plant by changing temperature and pressure.

Cultivation of hemp/marijuana: Just like other soil grown products, the plant maybe infected by minerals, metals or other foreign bodies present in the soil. It’s important to review product labeling and descriptions to see if this information is stated.

Third-party product testing: After production, the oils are sent to be checked by a private entity and tests are performed by a person un-associated with the manufacturer. This ensures the concentrations and ingredients advertised are legitimate and that quality standards have been met. Some manufacturers allow this batch testing information to be reviewed as part of their marketing material.

Concentrations: Some products may be purchased based on concentration preferences. Higher concentrations don’t necessary mean better quality so the above factors must be considered as a whole.

Another factor which may influence your product choice is body weight. Body weight has a very important part to play in CBD effectiveness; the product size and concentration should be decided according to the consumer’s body weight. Below is a table which can assist with product choice as it relates to body weight:

If you are subject to drug testing for your profession, then the full spectrum oils would not be seen as a good choice. This is due to the THC content even though there are only slight trace amounts; product use may lead to a positive drug test. In this case crystalline isolate CBD oil products would be a safer choice.


Products discussed are to be used in accordance with Australian cannabis/hemp rules and regulations under the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). We do not sell or promote cannabis/hemp products for general or psychoactive use. The products & information provided is classified as follows:

  • • Intended for general knowledge and research purposes
  • • This information is based on anecdotal research
  • • Not intended as an alternative for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions
  • • Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health condition, disease or disorder
  • • Any health condition, disease or disorder should be dealt with by a medical professional

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