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CBD usage has been shown to provide pain relief along with anti-inflammatory effects to localized areas of pain. Due to this CBD in this form is accompanied by other compounds that promote similar effecting. CBD topical treatments are most commonly used for muscular, joint and bone past and present injuries.

These products are mostly in the form of creams, salves, ointments and lotions. They work best when applied directly to the source of pain or discomfort. They can also be effectively used to treat ache, cuts, burns and bruising etc.

As with other CBD products the concentration or strength will be noted and the individual dosage advised. The level of pain and discomfort will judge what concentration is bested suited to treat that area. These products are mostly made from CBD full-spectrum cannabinoids with an overall potency of between 250mg to 600mg+.

Most topicals have a natural oil base which includes the primary ingredients of CBD, phytocannabinoids and terpenes. Other plant based products may be added for their natural scent and soothing properties. When it comes to pain relief the addition of other compounds may include lavender, coconut oil, basil, green tea, and peppermint. For further blood flow simulation and for their heat properties on the affected area, supplements like menthol or white willow bark can be added. The organic full-spectrum CBD is great for redness, swelling or infection on any body part.

Along with the heat properties of CBD topicals some also contain cooling after-effects that help to decrease inflammation, rashes or any kind of irritation/ pain. Such cooling additives include natural ginger root oil, menthol, tea tree oil, and rosemary leaf extracts. To treat joint/muscle ailments most commonly CBD topicals contain aloe vera, coconut oil and cocoa butter.

How do CBD Topicals Work?

Epidermis or the outermost layering of our skin is responsible for protecting the hypodermis and dermis, from UV rays, micro bacteria, and several harmful threats. CBD topicals work as a transdermal product which penetrates the skin without entering the bloodstream. This can be a preferred method to take CBD for consumers which would rather avoid oral consumption. As a result the cannabinoids will not stay active in the user’s body when compared to oral consumption.

As mentioned above most CBD topicals or concentrates are provided in the following forms:

► Creams and Lotions - restore and hydrate the skin.

► Salves - soothes the skin and relieves agony which is induced from stings, burns or other skin irritations.

► Serums and Oils - these have a finer consistency with hydrating and curative abilities.

Additionally, topicals include natural components and ingredients, most of which can be found in a traditional lotion, salves, creams, and medicinal oils. These common ingredients are also added to CBD based products:

• Aloe Vera

• Coconut oil

• Shea and cocoa butter

• Beeswax

• Avocado or almond butter

• Lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, or other essential oils

CBD topicals can provide pain relief from the following injuries and physical ailments dependent on the specific product inclusions:

• Muscle and joint inflammation

• Insect bites and stings

• Burns

• Eczema and other types of skin rashes

• Acne

• Areas that are bruised or in pain due to minor injuries Sore and/or cramped muscles

As with other similar products it is advised that the topicals not be applied to open wounds. CBD may interact with other medicines been used to treat the same condition. It is advised to consult a doctor for any possible interactions between CBD and other meds.

Most CBD topicals will be full spectrum products which are THC free. Some however may contain trace amounts of THC or more. It is safe to assume that because CBD does not enter the blood stream via topical treatment it will not incur a positive reading for THC through a drug test. However it is advised to act with caution if as a user you are subject to drug testing protocols.

How do topicals compare to other CBD products?

When compared to the other most common CBD products which are administered orally topicals differ in the following ways:

Administration: All products are absorbed through the epidermis therefore never enter the bloodstream or internal organs.

Effect: As mentioned above because the cannabinoids do not enter the blood stream they do not integrate with the endocannabinoid system. But they do simulate the receptors through the epidermis. The benefit here is that the product can be used as a local application rather than an oral full body absorption. Due to this the carming effects felt through CBD use orally will not be felt. CBD topicals have the pain and anti-inflammatory properties but with the addition of other compounds they can nourish, soove and moisturize.

Dosing: Approx dosages can be taken via oral methods and product labelling notes the exact dose. Dosages from topical products usually recommend an application amount for a set dose. However this can be hard to achieve based on possible under or over application.

Concentration: As with other CBD orals an effective dose is based on tolerance, bodyweight and effective treatment strength. Topical treatment recommended concentration would be based on the level or pain and/or inflammation observed.

How to use topical CBD treatments

Approx dosages can be taken via oral methods and product labelling notes the exact dose. Dosages from topical products usually recommend an application amount for a set dose. However this can be hard to achieve based on possible under or over application. The information below discusses the general application factors:

How to prep area: Apply to bare skin and ensure the area is clean and dry without any other moisturizing skin products.

Application: Massage the product into the target area using your fingers and palm if necessary. Apply in a circular motion and ensure the product is dry before dressing.

Benefits: Dependent on the CBD concentration the benefits should be felt immediately. Areas surrounding the affected area may benefit from application and re-application as per product labeling will only increases the overall benefits.


Products discussed are to be used in accordance with Australian cannabis/hemp rules and regulations under the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). We do not sell or promote cannabis/hemp products for general or psychoactive use. The products & information provided is classified as follows:

  • • Intended for general knowledge and research purposes
  • • This information is based on anecdotal research
  • • Not intended as an alternative for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions
  • • Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health condition, disease or disorder
  • • Any health condition, disease or disorder should be dealt with by a medical professional

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