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The variant types of CBD products have given the consumers a wide array of product choices. Several consumers are purchasing CBD edibles most commonly gummies. Gummies are available in various concentrations/strengths as with other CBD products. Per gummy CBD dosage can vary but most commonly they contain between 5mg to 30mg. Though high strength gummies can be purchased as high as 75mg per gummy.

It is important to note that as with all CBD products an effective low dose should be established. Higher dosage and concentration of gummies without assessing effects and tolerance can result in higher onset of side effects. CBD oil gummies are familiar with traditional gummy bears with the added CBD benefits. This makes them a top choice for taste and convenience of use.

CBD gummies get their delicious fruity flavor from the addition of natural juices and fruit concentrates. This subdues the singular taste of CBD which has been noted to be quiet unpleasant and bitter.

As with CBD capsules edibles are marketed as a sleep aid and therefore advised to be taken at night or at rest. This is mainly due to the addition of melatonin in these products.

How are edible / gummies different from other CBD products?

The CBD edibles / gummies are quiet unique and effective mainly due to the following:

• Edibles: CBD edibles are ingested orally and they tend to provide prolonged effects. But these effects can take longer to manifest through digestion whereas CBD vape for example is immediate.

• Concentration/Strength: Concentration of edible / gummy products varies and low strengths for first time users are advised. Bodyweight, tolerance and effective treatment of aliment should all be considered.

• Full-Spectrum or Isolate: The categorization of CBD oil on the basis of isolate or full-spectrum is based on its formulation. CBD isolate products are solely CBD without any further cannabinoids inclusions. Whereas, the full-spectrum of CBD oil comes with non-psychoactive cannabinoids like CBL and CBN, with other vital oils or terpenes and various nutrients. Some edible / gummies are made with isolate density. While most CBD edible / gummies in the current market are full-spectrum.

• Taste: Due to its inherent robust tang which is not well tolerated by consumers gummies are produced and shipped in variant fruit flavors.

• Sugar: A few CBD edible products involve additional sugar components to enhance taste. Obviously this is not ideal for people who have blood glucose conditions or other conditions associated with sugar content. Though most gummies are marketed as natural flavorings with no added sugar.

Do CBD edibles / gummies have psychoactive effects?

CBD edibles are known to provide restful sensations to the consumers, while simultaneously mitigating pain and other agonies caused by different medical aliments. Most edibles / gummies are THC free or only contain only trace amounts. THC is the compound which induces the “high” and CBD does not generate any psychoactive effects.

Full spectrum edible products do contain slight traces of THC at 0.3% or less. CBD edibles / gummies do not produce psychoactive “high” effects but they can result in slight drowsiness. Hence, the users are not advised to consume gummies before operating heavy machinery, driving a vehicle, or undertaking acts which require sensory skills.

Safe CBD Edible Use

As discussed previously the dosage depends upon the weight and tolerance of the consumer, and the expected results for a given condition. The table stated below enlists fundamental CBD density range for people according to their body mass. First-time users of CBD edibles are advised to keep their doses low around 10mg or less. Once tolerance and effects have been assessed the dosage can be gradually increased. See table below for further details:


Products discussed are to be used in accordance with Australian cannabis/hemp rules and regulations under the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). We do not sell or promote cannabis/hemp products for general or psychoactive use. The products & information provided is classified as follows:

  • • Intended for general knowledge and research purposes
  • • This information is based on anecdotal research
  • • Not intended as an alternative for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions
  • • Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health condition, disease or disorder
  • • Any health condition, disease or disorder should be dealt with by a medical professional

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