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CBD is one among the hundred types of amalgamate found in cannabis; one such famed one being THC or the tetrahydrocannabinol. Unlike THC, cannabidiol gives out no psychoactive implications; it instead provides advantageous health and medical treatments.

Oral intake of CBD is the most common and convenient way to consume the benefits of CBD oil. CBD oil capsules are a similar makeup of your regular vitamin and supplement pills and are swallowed with water. They hold CBD oil suspended in carrier oil such as coconut or mct in a soft-gel capsule and the capsule shell is usually made from gelatin or vegetable fiber. For vegan consumers that wish to avoid animal-products plant-core capsules can be taken.

Because the CBD oil in capsules is infused in either a connunt oil or mct they have added health benefits associated with these oils.  Together with this these oils help the body to absorb the CBD oil effectively.

Almost all CBD capsules are made with non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) manufactured from hemp which is a species of cannabis; in either full-spectrum or isolate form.  The full-spectrum product has added benefits from the inclusion of further phytocannabinoids, terpenes, vitamin E, amino acids and fatty acids:


CBD capsules can be provided in various packaging amounts from 30 to 60 caps per bottle and at a 10mg to 50mg concentration per capsule. For first time users of CBD capsules it is advised to start with low concentrates and doses. The marketing of these products is commonly misinterpreted due to the overall concentration/strength of all capsules been publicized. These can range from 300mg to 1600mg per bottle.


It is advised that before starting CBD capsule use you should consult with your doctor to assess any pre-existing conditions or any other potential drug interactions that may take place. Due to the relaxing effects of CBD oil users that drive frequently and operate heavy machinery should proceed with caution. Users should always assess tolerance and effects before increasing dose and purchasing higher concentration products.

Most CBD edibles are marketed as sleep aids and therefore are advised to be taken at night. This is mainly due to the addition of melatonin and other sleep aids in these products.

Points to Consider before purchasing CBD Capsules

Per capsule doses vary from 10mg to 50mg CBD; the product labelling usually provides CBD concentration or dosage specified per capsule. The prescribed dosage resides on factors such as body weight, tolerance and the type of ailment treated.

The table gives required doses as per body weight of the user and should only be used as a guide for research purposes:



Products discussed are to be used in accordance with Australian cannabis/hemp regulations. We do not promote cannabis/hemp products for psychoactive use. The products & information provided is classified as follows:

  • • Intended for general knowledge and research purposes
  • • This information is based on anecdotal research
  • • Not intended as an alternative for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions
  • • Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health condition, disease or disorder
  • • Any health condition, disease or disorder should be dealt with by a medical professional

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